The following comments have been submitted by those who have used A-Cosmetic for one reason or another to improve unhealthy skin. In some cases, we have edited the comments for clarity and or brevity.

*Individual results may vary



After Only 2 Days

"My daughter has used A-Cosmetic for just two days. The effects were so dramatic I want to show you hre before and after photographs. Now my other two daughters want to try A-Cosmetic it for their skin."
- T



After 3 Weeks

After 6 Weeks

"This is my 6 weeks progress!! The second picture was taken at 3 weeks and the first picture is before I started using it... it my not look like a lot has changed, but most of my spots are acne scars. I just wanted to say thanks so much for letting use your medication!! All of my friends have been asking me what I use."
- H


Before - July, 2017

After 1 Year - July 2018

"I am amazed at the health benefit to my facial skin. I have tried everything for the past several years. My parents have spent thousands on various doctors and medications with no benefit. I did have bad acne. I began to see results in a matter of weeks and by three months my skin was healthy again. Here are my before and after photographs a one year. Please edit as you see fit as I would like others to know what great benefit I experienced with A-Cosmetic."
- T
"I love this product. I saw immediate results. My face not only became brighter but also the smoothness was very noticeable."
- T.F.
"I loved the product! I felt that my face improved when I had occasional break outs. Thanks!"
- D
"So far the product has eliminated many breakouts, but I still am having occasional acne around my mouth. I continue to use A-cosmetic and it shortens the life span of my break outs greatly."
- H.K.
"I have really loved this product! I don’t have terrible acne but it has definitely helped when I do flare up. I have been trying to tell as many people as I can about it. Thank you so much!"
- T.K.